31 days of God’s love

Earlier this year we were blessed to host a women’s event at our home church with a great bunch of girls.  The theme was the love of God.  Leading it, my heart was that each woman (and daughter) attending would walk away with a deeper, richer understanding of God’s love.

As with all girlie events, the theme needed décor.  🙂

An event about love has got to have hearts and so we went a little crazy with bent wire coat hangers wrapped in wool.  They made the most gorgeous hearts covering the walls.

However, the main feature was chalk art by my amazing husband.  It began with the invitations, …so Loved, and then grew from there.

Collage Art 3

Join with me, for 31 days in October, as we explore God’s love and be encouraged with beautiful chalkboards published every second day.

Angie Signoff 1



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day 1 – so loved
day 2 – a love story
day 3 – how can we love?
day 4 – a father’s love
day 5 – everlasting love
day 6 – individual love
day 7 – love is…
day 8 – written love
day 9 – banner love
day 10 – the bridegroom’s love
day 11 – generational love
day 12 – universal love
day 13 – unshakable love
day 14 – important love
day 15 – infinite love
day 16 – creative love
day 17 – transformational love
day 18 – relational love
day 19 – tender love
day 20 – constant love
day 21 – lyrical love
day 22 – listening love
day 23 – embedded love
day 24 – intricate love
day 25 – identifying love
day 26 – sabbath love
day 27 – sacrificial love
day 28 – patient love
day 29 – the legend of love
day 30 – love drawn
day 31 – everything love

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  1. Leslie

    October 3, 2014 at 2:42 am

    Great series. Your husband did that chalkboard art? Amazing.

    1. Angela S Ryan

      October 3, 2014 at 4:39 pm

      Thank you, Leslie. We were all so impressed as my man would work on each one and the lounge room was slowly transformed into an art gallery. 🙂

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