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day 12 – universal love

Have you heard the saying, “Love is the universal language?”

After having “Kisses from Katie” on my bedside reading pile for so long, I have finally gotten around to reading it.  As Katie Davis begins her time in Uganda struggling with communication and so many other things, she is reminded by God of her purpose, that is, to love.  She then focuses on that as the one thing she can do, love.

It doesn’t matter what language people speak or what culture people have or what circumstances they are walking in, love reaches through them all.

We know that in the natural, but how much more is it true in the spiritual?  God’s love reaches through every situation, through every circumstance.  We need to receive His love and then extend it to those around us.  So the next person you see, and the one after that, and the one after that too, love them, pour out God’s love on them.  Let’s be a people known by our love.

Sometimes we panic and don’t know how to do that.  God says, ask and you shall receive.  So let’s ask.  When we’re not sure how to love someone, let’s ask and He will show us.

God, thank You for the universal language of love.  Please help us to be Your vessels for love to all those around us and may this world be truly changed by Your love.

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