God's love

day 14 – important love

Blogging on this love thing has been so hard for me – I really didn’t expect it to be like that.

From the moment The Nester put out the challenge to write on one theme every day for 31 days, I knew God was calling me join in.  I really enjoy writing, so why has it been so hard?

My struggle has meant that many blogs to you have come out stilted, just a bunch of words without heart and I am so sorry.  Knowing my entries were far from great, I gingerly asked a friend what she thought.  She responded with, “What’s going on, you just start on something great and then bam it’s over, end of blog?”

Again I was challenged about why I’m doing this 31 days in the first place.

God’s love has got to be one of the most important things for us to understand, to truly get right down to our innermost spirit.  He created us out of His love, He redeemed us out of His love and He’s walking every day with us all in His love.

Satan doesn’t want us to understand the enormity, depth and passion of God’s love and my blog struggle has been a part of that battle to have truth shared.

So I ask for your forgiveness for my complacency and the words I’ve shot out into cyberspace almost just to get my writing done.  I hope you’ve noticed a difference over the last couple of days as my heart has returned and pray that I will be faithful to God’s calling as I write about this oh so very important love.

I truly believe the most important thing for us to understand in this life is the love of God – everything else becomes clear in the light of His love.  So thank you for doing this journey with me and let’s get stuck into the rest of this month.

God’s love is important.  Very, very important.

Lord, thank You for Your patience and for Your calling, but mostly thank You for Your enormous, abundant and important love.  May we know it and share it with everyone around us.

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PS.  I may just rewrite some of those earlier posts one day 🙂

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