God's love

day 18 – relational love

Love and relationship go hand in hand.  We see this easily when talking about spouses who love each other, or parents and children, or friends and communities.  Love is displayed through relationship.

God is called our Father, we are His children.  Christ is returning to collect His bride, us, to be forever with Him.  The Holy Spirit is our friend.  Every example of a significant earthly relationship is found with God.  He really does love us with a relational love.

Sometimes we feel God is far away and not near like “regular” relationships.  We want Him near, we want to talk to Him on the couch.  But He is always listening to every word our heart utters and even those we can’t put words around.  And He speaks, He speaks constantly to us.

Priscilla Shirer in her bible study, “Discerning the Voice of God,” says, “Do you really think God loved you enough to die for you, but doesn’t love you enough to then talk to you?”

God has a relational love for us.  Pause for a moment and ask Him to show you this love, ask Him to help you hear His voice and know His heart.  Then open your bible, His words written down, and listen.

You are His child, His bride and His friend.

Lord, thank You for your relational love.  Thank You that You cherish me and You commune with me.  I hold my arms open wide to grow in relationship with You.

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