God's love

day 2 – a love story

If you had to sum up the bible in just a few words, how would you do it?  What would you write on the back cover to encourage people to read God’s book?  What says it all and yet makes you desperate to read more?

One of my favourite quotes is one where Dr Larry Crabb is quoting his father, “The Bible is a love story that begins with a divorce.  Everything from the third chapter of Genesis through the end of Revelation is the story of a betrayed lover wooing us back into His arms so we can enjoy the love of family forever.

This book, the Bible, really is a book of love letters.  There are 66 of them.  They are all written for you and are waiting to be read.

Next time you pick up the bible and begin reading, pause first and ask God to show you His love in this letter.

Thank You Lord for writing these words of love to us.  May our eyes be opened to Your heart with each and every phrase.

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