God's love

day 29 – the legend of love

Everyone loves a legend.

There is something enthralling about fascinating historical stories filled with challenges, adventure, love and hope.  Parts of a legend may seem almost impossible to be true, but our hearts know they could be and we cry out to believe they are.

God wrote His story down in 66 books.  Those books combine to form a legendary library of absolute truth and every word draws us in to the greatest love story ever told.

bible art

The bible is a Legend of Love.  Sometimes, we may find parts of it difficult to understand.  But just as Jesus explained the scriptures to His disciples, we now have the Holy Spirit to do the same for us.

As this month on God’s Love draws to a close, let’s get stuck into the bible and continue our journey to understanding the love of God.

Lord, thank You for every word You’ve written.  Thank You that Your heart is for us to know the Your love and You’ve provided to Holy Spirit to help us.  Open our eyes to see, our minds to know and our hearts to embrace this great love.

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