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day 31 – everything love


We’ve spent a month together looking at God’s love and even now I know there is so much more to it than we’ve covered.  I guess that’s like anything as we grow in the understanding of God, there always seems to be more to Him.  We may come back to this topic sometime, but for now, please join me in my conversation with God about what we’ve learned of His love.

Lord, thank You that right from the beginning You had a plan.

Thank You that You so loved us that You sent Your very precious Son to redeem us.  Thank You every word in Your book tells this story, the love story of You restoring us to You and Your love.  I can’t imagine a world without love, but we don’t have to, because You loved us first so that we would also be able to love.

Lord, some of us have great examples of fathers who have loved us, but others do not and yet we are all loved so completely by You, our Father, with perfect, fatherly love.  There is not a day that goes by or that is to come when Your love won’t exist, thank You for the safety and comfort of Your everlasting and unchanging love.

How many billions of people have You created since the beginning of time, and yet You love each one of us individually and uniquely.  Thank You for caring about every part of my life, the big and the small.  The world has such a distorted way of portraying love and sometimes I get a little confused as to what love really is, but thank You that You provide me with guidance through Your Word.  You really are gracious writing down all this love for us, every day there is some more of Your written love for us to read.  And what amazing banner love it is, this powerful, passionate and protective love.  In fact, it’s the love of a bridegroom, adoring and sacrificial – thank You God.

I especially love that You never change, and this love that we’ve been talking about is for all generations, it was for the people before me and for all those to come.  What a gift?  A universal language that crosses all times and all cultures.  Your love pervades everything, God.

There is nothing that can shake it or take it away, but it remains strong for eternity.  Sometimes earthly love is so fickle, but not Yours God.  In fact, I really is the most important thing.  The most important of everything, Your love for us.  It’s infinite with no restrictions and knowing no bounds with nothing as great as Your love.

And it’s not boring either, but it’s creative.  All around us we see these beautiful hand-crafted, God-crafted, gifts You’ve made as You pour out Your love for us.  And it changes things, it changes us, Your love is truly transformational.  Not just an object or something we can’t know, but Your love is relational, speaking to us, reaching into every part of who we are and what we care about.  How do You do this so gently God, so tenderly?  No matter what turmoil is going on, You carefully hold the whole world in Your hands.  The earth may shake, but You and Your love are constant.  Thank You Lord for this never-ending steady love.  Thank You for calming us as You sing a lyrical love, a lullaby to soothe our hearts.

When we speak, every word or concern we bring before You is listened to in love, not a word or a thought goes unnoticed or unheard – what grace that is!  Thank You for the gift of people around me to love as You have loved me.  May I model You and truly embed myself in Your love.

I am still amazed at how intricately You love us.  Your love isn’t just a big general thing for all mankind, but it is also wrapped in little details surrounding us.  Love defines You, it identifies You.  Please help me to know You more as I continue to learn of Your love.

Sometimes life seems too much, too hard or too busy, but You’ve provided a gift of rest, a Sabbath all as part of Your love.  But God, I know this peace and this rest came at a price, a great price.  Thank You again and again for Your sacrificial love.  I don’t want to forget, but sometimes I do of how much You love me and I know there are still so many, many people who are yet to understand it at all, but You are so patient, Lord.  Thank You for this patience as You draw more and more people in to Your love.

I am so glad this love story isn’t a mystery, the one You’ve written down for us.  The whole legend of love is true, every word of it.  Thank You so much for giving us the Holy Spirit to help us understand anything we don’t.

Now, what love is this, that you gave your life for me?  You made a way for me to know You.  And I confess, You’re always enough for me.  You’re all I need

I love You, God.


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