God's love

day 8 – written love

You can learn a lot about someone’s heart by reading letters they have written.

God has blessed us with a huge collection of His letters.  Sixty-six actually.  Each one helping us understand our loving, creator more and more.

Some letters are “easy reads”.  But others, may at first, seem too hard to understand.  However, if they are all part of the greatest love story ever told (as they are), then every word is there for us and there for a purpose.

As you pick up your bible to read, ask the Lord to speak to you through His words.  It is His written love.  If we want to know Him more, to know His heart more, then we need to read His words.  Where are you going to start today?

Thank You Lord for writing down Your heart for us.  Please help me to understand You and Your love more and more as I read.

Angie Signoff 1



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