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day 9 – banner love

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Let Him lead me to the banquet hall, and let His banner over me be love.  Song of Songs 2:4

It sounds great, but what does that mean?

The lover (that’s God) is leading the beloved (that’s us) into the banquet hall.  This is done with the idea of celebration.  He is celebrating us.

The banner announces our arrival into the banqueting house in a grand, majestic manner.  It is carried over us and it bears Christ’s name, the name of love.  He called and redeemed us by His love – now we enjoy communion with Him and protection under His love covering.

The banner also attracts attention.  God delights in His precious church, in us, and wants everyone to know it.

Thank You Lord for Your protective, powerful love and for proclaiming it for the world to see.  May my eyes be open to see and my heart rest in the security of Your great love.

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