pray-reading scripture

Pray-reading bible

I love to pray-read scripture.  That is, to read scripture at the same time as praying it as a prayer.  There’s something about doing that that makes me really stand up and pay attention instead of just reading through the words on a page.

Stormie Omartian’s prayers have always been close to my heart.  Stormie writes prayers and they are loaded with scriptures.  If you don’t know what to pray, there’s a good chance that Stormie has a prayer full of God’s words for your situation.  Something really powerful happens when praying His words instead of our sometimes mumble-jumble.

Several years ago, a beautiful woman of God taught me how to pray a Psalm.  It seemed like such a simple thing and yet, I hadn’t done it before.  We picked a Psalm and prayed through each verse as we read it.

My scripture reading has been different ever since.  I don’t read for education’s sake.  I read to engage in conversation with the Lord.

Oh yes, there are times for studying the Word, but my daily reading is different – it’s a time for sitting down and having a cuppa with my best friend, the Saviour of my soul.

So, what was today’s reading?  Colossians chapter 3 from THE MESSAGE and it went a little like this…

God I am serious about living this new resurrection life with You.  Please help me to act like it.  May I pursue the things that Christ presides over.  I don’t want to shuffle along, with my eyes to the ground, absorbed in what is in front of me.  Help me to look up to what is going on around You and to see things from Your perspective.  That’s where the action is.

I am so glad my old life is dead, God.  My new life, the real one, might be invisible to spectators, but it’s with You, Christ.  You are my life.  And when You come back to this earth it’ll show up, but in the meantime I’m content with obscurity like You.

Please kill off everything in my life that is connected with the way of death.  May there be no promiscuity, no impurities, no lust.  May I not just do whatever I feel like doing, grabbing whatever attracts my fancy and living a life shaped by things and feelings instead of one shaped by You.  Forgive me God whenever I have chosen these ways.  A long time ago I didn’t know any better, but I do now, so may it all be gone.  May there be no bad tempers, irritability, meanness, profanity or dirty talk anywhere from within me…

And so Colossians goes on.

Why don’t you pray-read your next scripture too?  I’m sure you won’t regret it.
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