be still

I’m learning to be still.

It’s not easy.

Life is busy, so very busy.  There is a constant flow of “join this, do this, be this, answer this, ask this, fix this”.

Then I read… Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

Does that mean I can’t know God unless I am still?  Help, I want to know You God.  Show me how to be still.

The Hebrew word used for still in this passage is raphah.  It is used in several contexts within the Bible, but essentially means, let go.  Stop and let go.  It is only by letting go of what we’re hanging on to that we can see with clarity and that we can know that God is God.  That He is Lord and is in control of everything going on.

Let’s be still so we can know God and trust Him completely.

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