who are you God?

Life throws a never-ending stream of questions at us, doesn’t it?  Big and little things.  There always seems to be something else we’d like an answer to.

We just finished a bible study unit with our kids titled, “Who is God?”.  For six months we’ve been studying the character of God.  It might sound simple, but knowing God’s identity is truly the foundation for answering all our questions.

So who is He?

The bible lists many, many attributes of God and it’s great to study them through, but where do we begin?  I like just starting at the beginning and the first thing we learn about God is in Genesis 1…

In the beginning, God created…

He creates.

God didn’t just slap us together or anything else around us either.  He created.  He is a creator, that’s a part of His absolute nature.  This very fact that He is a creator says He put time, effort, thought, care and love into His creation.

Knowing this affects our understanding of our identity and of the value we place on the people and things around us too.

If you have a moment, meditate on the fact that God is a creator – it changes perspectives.

Angie Signoff 1