why chatting?

phone booth

What girl doesn’t love a good chat?  I think God crafted us that way, and I am certainly up for a chat whenever the opportunity arises.  Chatting does mean different things on a few different levels to me though.

Curling up on the lounge with a hot drink in my hand and a good chatting companion is always high on my list of pastimes.  I think I would go close to holding the longest phone chat record back in the day of tiny babies sleeping soundly and breastfeeding while still on the phone.  I’ve always been keen to Skype or messenger chat with friends who can’t share our lounge room.  And our kids pack books to read after church because they know it will be a while before they get to go home.

I also call prayer chatting.  Prayer is an always open, never finished conversation with the Lord.  There are times of the day when I will really get into a “deep and meaningful” with Him, but generally, I just chat, chat all day, through everything.

So why chatting here?  I believe this blog will be a mixture of all these things… conversations with you about things deep and things light, maybe with some tears, but hopefully a tonne of laughter too.  And through it all, I’ll be “chatting” to the Lord Jesus Christ.


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