why reading?

my first bible

my first bible

It’s hard to find even a moment in our home where a book isn’t open. There is always someone reading something or at least desperately wanting to finish what they are doing and curl back up on the lounge. But that’s not why I have called a portion of this blog “reading”.

Reading, to me, is a way to open my eyes to the world: to experience, see and understand things I would never have been able to without a book.

“Striped Ice Cream” by Joan M Lexau is the earliest book I can remember devouring.  I wept and wept as I felt Becky’s heartache and then the tears flowed even more when I realised that same heartache was just a misinterpretation of the great sacrificial love of her family.

It was around the same time that I received my first bible, “The Good News Bible”.  It had a stunning brown cover with gold lettering.  Every Sunday I would sit in our car on the way to church determined to read through the whole New Testament.  I think I may have only made it half way through Matthew, but it was the beginning of a great love for the scriptures.

Many books, both fiction and non fiction, and especially the bible, have since been a part of shaping me.  I continue to grow, I continue to read and I hope and pray that I would somehow bless you while reading my thoughts spilled out onto these pages.