why writing?


When you have to put something down on a page it makes you really think about it.  To think hard before it goes to print.  Writing is an attempt to understand thoughts better by going through the process of stringing them together.  Well it is for me anyway.

I have used the same pacer for 18 years, I love the way it feels and the way the lead grips on the page.  There are seasons where it would definitely be my favourite way to write: shopping lists; quotes; paragraphs; prayers; notes…

However, I also love to type.  The excitement of being allowed to use mum and dad’s electric typewriter was almost too much to contain growing up, then as soon as I had mastered typing while looking in a direction other than the computer keyboard I thought I had truly made it. 🙂  Well, not really, but I was pretty chuffed and I still try it out every now and then.

But writing in this blog is more of an act of obedience.  Don’t misunderstand me, I know I’m going to love it, but truthfully…I’m doing it because I feel God has asked me to write.  I wasn’t a star writer at school and I don’t have any writing credentials, so what comes out may not be mind-blowing or particularly beautiful.  I’m just being obedient, learning some skills, practising and putting them into practice.

So here I am, putting words on pages, and I hope you don’t mind.


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